Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Officially Awaiting Travel Approval

Today our wait for Travel Approval  (TA) officially begins.  This is the very last step--praise God!!
TA could come as early as 8 days--or as long as 30 days.  Of course, we are praying for that 8-day TA!  Once our agency receives our TA, they will contact the US Consulate to schedule our Consulate Appointment.  We have requested the first available appointment.  That appointment actually happens on the last leg of our Ch*na trip, around day 10.  Once it is scheduled, our agency will contact the adoption officials in  Hope's province and schedule our "gotcha day" (which Joy has decided should be called Forever Day and I like that very much!) and adoption day.   Then our travel will be arranged around those important appointments. 

Are you beginning to see why adoptive families really have no idea when they will travel until the last minute.  So many variables affect departure date. 





BUT WE ARE PACKING!!  Gotta be prepared, just in case we get that quick TA.