Our Family

Our...uhm...colorful side...

TIM AND DENISE have been married for 23 years. Tim runs a small family business, and Denise is a homeschooling mama.  

JACOB is 21 years old.  He has been our guinnea pig first child and still turned out to be a fabulous young man.  He will soon be marrying his beautiful fiance, Jenn; and we are thrilled to have her join our circus!

SARAH is 17 years old.   She is spirited, strong, sassy, serious, silly, and sweet all roled into one amazing package. 

CHRISTIAN is 15 years old and our "wild child".  He has no fear and is quite spontaneous and adventurous.  What a combination!

DANIEL is 12 years old.  He is sensitive and compassionate and just a "tad" strong-willed.  He has a protector streak in him, too. 

JONATHAN is 10 years old.  He is a tenderhearted young guy.  He enjoyed being the baby of the family for 10 years, yet he embraced his "big brother" role with enthusiasm.

JOY is 7 years old.  We adopted her in March 2011.  She is our spicy girl from Chongqing, China, and adds so much "flavor" to our family!

HOPE is 4 years old and is our lil peanut waiting for us in China.  You can read about her on the "Our Hope" page.