Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few more shots of our day meeting Hope...

Big sister, Sarah, with Hope.

Hope's nanny on the left and the orphanage director on the right...

The road conditions were not good, so we had to wait 2 1/2 hours for them to arrive with Hope.  Here's a few pictures of us waiting in a freezing room.  Most places do not have heat and everyone wears their coats and scarves while they work.  My toes were aching and them numb in my little flats.

Christian carrying a Hello Kitty backpack.  :)

Here's a Chinese potty....squat and go....


  1. She truly is perfect. And quite a cutie. Congratulation!

  2. oh, these pictures remind me of ur meeting with our girls just a few weeks ago!
    Who is your guide???
    We had Vicki
    enjoy the sites and sounds there-it is real China-
    there is an american coffee house close to the Sheraton if you are staying there
    CHeesecake is WONDERFUL!!!
    email if you need to